Let me take this walk with you

Dear teenagers, When you feel alone, when you feel uncertain, when you feel confused, take a deep breath and reach out.  Whatever the matter, I am here to Love without judgement, to Listen without distraction and to Lead you to the right part.




It's Hard being a teenager sometimes

Yes, I understand the challenges of being a teenager, as I’ve experienced it myself. Whatever you’re going through, I’m here to offer love without judgment, to listen without distraction, and to guide you towards the right path. You can trust that I will support you wholeheartedly as you navigate through life’s ups and downs.

Walk with Me

Are you facing challenges in your academics, or having difficulties choosing your career or even discovering yourself? Do you suffer from low self esteem, or you simply feel insecure, whatever the matter, I am here to walk with you.

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Your Life Coach 

I Believe The teens are the future

I have always had a profound passion for supporting teenagers, particularly girls, stemming from personal reflections on my own adolescent journey. Recognizing the potential impact a mentor or coach could have had on my decisions during those formative years, I’m fueled by a fervent desire to offer guidance to teens. This aspiration is further ignited by the privilege of raising two remarkable daughters of my own. The prospect of nurturing and empowering young minds fills me with boundless excitement.

As a mother to girls, my daily routine often immerses me in the company of teenagers, predominantly girls, especially during school runs. A deep connection with them resonates within me, and I derive immense joy and fulfillment from contributing positively to their lives. The feedback they share with me holds significant meaning and relevance.

Frequently, I find myself acting as a mediator between parents and their teenage daughters when challenges arise. They confide in me, trusting my ability to comprehend their perspective, often seeking my involvement in the resolution process alongside their parents.

Through successfully navigating numerous such situations, my dedication to coaching and mentoring these young individuals has only deepened. I’m resolute in my commitment to empowering them to achieve greatness in their pursuits.


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Are you a teenager feeling worried, confused, uncertain, or insecure? Or perhaps you’re a concerned parent searching for ways to support your daughter in becoming the best version of herself? Don’t fret—I have two incredible, life-changing teen coaching packages tailored just for you. These packages are designed to provide guidance, support, and valuable tools to navigate through the challenges of adolescence and emerge stronger and more confident. Let’s embark on this journey together towards personal growth and fulfillment.

The sycamore plan
Attitude Changer- For teenagers or for the /Girl Child who wants to make a “dare” difference in the society and in the world
The sycamore plan
12 month Total Life Makeover for Teens, Every girl child, Executives, Entrepreneur, individual and groups

Teenagers Testimonies

Jemima Atirola Olaoye

She's very easy to talk to. You won't even know when you start spilling.  At first I didn't want to talk much but she helped me open up a bit. I still have problems speaking comfortably but she helped me open up a bit. I still have problems speaking comfortably but she helped ease my pain and gave me good advice as well. She listens well and knows the things to say. It was a good session.

Atiradeoluwa Olaoye

I've learnt how to manage my time effectively to become more productive and prioritize things in my life according to their importance, now I have better time management and I have my priorities straight. We started off by identifying the issues I face and then finding solutions and making a plan to keep them